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what kind of dog parent are you

Your lifestyle and default way of running your life has a big time influence on the type of dog parent you’ll be.

Which sounds more like your style of living? Homebody or Man on the Town? Family guy or adventure vixen?

Are you going to have a better time marrying a dog or dating them? That’s really what fostering is, you get to try out looking after a dog who could use a place to stay for a bit. And have fun while you’re at it!

Especially for people in their early twenties, and even moreso for people who live alone. They crave a companion, someone who will love them and remain stable – so they go and buy a dog. Should their delicate crafted lifestyle shift, maybe a new relationship or job opportunity – how does this impact a dog? It’s unfair to expect your formative years will be laid out step by step in a way that’s ideal for full-time dog care.

What if there was a better option?


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