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Thanks from Jake!

We’re looking to share our experiences and real-world advice with you about fostering dogs. It’s currently infrequent and out of the blue – just like the call to look after a new foster dog.

To give you an idea of what to look out for after sharing your email address with us:

What this email list is not about

  • spamming you daily
  • sharing your info with third parties
  • hacking the system to get a cute dog you want
  • specific training techniques – we’re not dog trainers, just happy to share our experience
  • staying in your comfort zone
  • living the status-quo
  • ranting about animal rights
  • cats – (Grady’s allergic)

What this community is about

  • creating a network for people interested in fostering dogs
  • education so you don’t need to repeat rookie mistakes
  • looking at dog ownership in an unconventional way
  • sharing fun dog photos
  • living a full life with dogs and freedom too
  • doing the right thing for animals in need
  • lightening the load for animal rescues
  • saving dogs and having fun

We’re so happy you’re here and are excited to share what we’re up to!

Your friends at Foster Dog Life

ps. If this was a mistake and you don’t actually want to find out what it’s like to foster a dog, feel free to unsubscribe here at any time.

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