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Foster Dog Date Night

Dolly – our Valentine’s special.

Her claim to fame was being a pocket-sized pitty. Running around 40 lbs, this dog was a lover. She now frolics in the trails in Whistler with her awesome owner Jesse but before she went to the big city she frolicked around in the back trails of Thetis with us.

Valentine’s 2016 was a pretty chill night for us. We went to Bin 4 for dinner & decided to bring her a little piece of burger. And, because we thought she might be cute we decided to film it.

Sometimes, we blow the scent of food towards a dog to see if they’d be mildly interested. Dolly was keen and here’s the video proof. She couldn’t figure out what trick to do to earn the reward, so she did them all in quick, delightful succession. Play bowing, wiggly, high-fiving and licking her chops.

SIDENOTE: if your guy or girl doesn’t do this when you make dinner, we might suggest an evening with the London Chef.

Back to you, Dolly.

One beautiful evening we decided to take her paddle boarding out in Brentwood Bay with our good friend, Kelsey. We got her a life jacket & suited her up (Dolly, not Kelsey). Thanks to the super dog-friendly folks at Pacifica we got cruising the high seas in no time!

Dolly was so good about tagging along, literally in the middle of our feet on the paddle board. As we got closer to the middle of the bay, she hopped off and swam over to Kelsey’s board to make sure everyone was close together.

We all decided to make a pit stop (pardon the pun) to regroup on a small island in the bay and that’s when Dolly went buck wild. Being back on land she shook off and took off sprinting, chasing the seagulls that call that island home. At first it was funny & we hoped there were no bigger predators, but figured Dolly could handle herself.

How’d we get her back? Find out for yourself in this how-to-be-the-most-fun video.

SIDENOTE #2: We found out later on a follow-up visit with her & her owner that she had taunted a grizzly bear on a camping trip, so she’s clearly fearless.

Wrapping up February, it will always be a favourite month because of the fun times we had with our lovable, huggable foster girl, Dolly.



Formally Cocoa, adopted Margot, is celebrating her 1 year anniversary with her awesome family in Nanaimo. Thanks so much to Margot’s people for loving her & being the best home this girl could ask for.